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Hello to all my degenerate, parlay picking, moneyline underdog, life is too short to bet the under friends, I am THE Carolina Capper (Hope Ohio State doesn’t see this), and welcome to my site, BETcarolina.

I was born and raised on Tobacco Road, and lived my entire childhood 10 minutes from Duke University, in a city that will forever be infamous for Bull Durham. My dad moved to North Carolina from Maryland in the late 80’s relocating for his work after growing up in Central and Western Pennsylvania his entire life, and since then my entire life has been based out of a 50 mile stretch of Interstate 40/Interstate 85 stretching from Durham to Greensboro.

I grew up with 2 older brothers and weekends during the Autumn season were heaven on earth. Our Saturday’s dedicated to Pitt and Duke Football, as my dad has been a season ticket holder for Duke Football since 1992, and a grad of Pittsburgh. Our Sunday’s, after a early Sunday morning trip to Golden Corral buffet, belonged to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and for my second older brother, who’s affinity for Marino has cursed him the rest of his life, cheered for the Dolphins.

There was nothing like sitting at that table with my two older brothers and dad as a 8 year old, looking at the Color Print Sunday Edition Sports Section of the Raleigh News and Observer and having the images/colors of all the NFL helmets ingrained my brain, reading the preview on the day’s NFL action.

In my household, we often had a NFL Pick ’em challenge between the four of us, where we all would pick the winners of the NFL games, and the one to pick the most winners held bragging rights over the rest of the family, something more precious than money at that time.

I began to think about sports different one day when I was about 11-12 when for the NFL Pick ’em challenge, my dad decided to switch things up a bit and introduce us to the spread. I had always seen it in the newspaper, but never knew what the line chart stood for in the sports section, and after lengthy explanation from him on the concept of the spread to us (at least to me), I was hooked.

Throughout my high school years, I began to take the sports section of the newspaper to school every Monday, Thursday, and Friday and using the line chart, getting some action on the weekend’s NFL and College games with my classmates.

Once I graduated high school and got my first debit card depositing my graduation gift money, the whole game changed and I signed up for the offshore book Bodog and began betting on Summer Olympic Basketball and the rest is history.

Since then, I’ve been amazed with how the sports gambling culture has changed in America, and how widely pronounced its involvement is with sports today and the general public. If little fourteen year old me, watching Casino could know how prevalent sports gambling is with sports culture now days, we might’ve made some different life moves.

I’ve been to Vegas a handful of times now in my adult life, mostly on the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and once for the Canelo-GGG 2 fight, and while I do enjoy the city and its theatrics, by far my favorite part are the sports books. The ambiance, and atmosphere is untouched and is one of my favorite places on earth, and now that North Carolina will be introducing sports betting at the two Cherokee Casinos in Murphy and Cherokee later this year, I can finally enjoy gambling on sports without going two thousand miles across the county. One day, I hope to be able to do it somewhere in the Triangle or Triad area of North Carolina.

Anyways, that’s a small run down of me and my background, and I hope you all enjoy my website. I will be posting leans for every game involving the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football and College Basketball, and will be getting the lines from the great guys over at Sportsbook Review which offers the best free service line/odd’s board online in the industry.

I will also be posting my feature plays and picks on my Cappertek page, and even better my Twitter page. So go head over there and give me a follow and say hello, and lets beat the books. As always good luck whether tailing or fading.

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